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Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

OMAK FULLY SYN SAE 5W50 API SM/CF is a high performance fully synthetic motor oil that is formulated with the latest additive systems for exceptional oxidation resistance, thermal stability and wear protection. OMAK FULLY SYN SAE 5W50 API SM/CF is designed for use in high-rev turbocharged racing cars under intense competition or demanding driving conditions.


OMAK FULLY SYN SAE 5W50 API SM/CF meets the following performance requirements:

  • ACEA A3


OMAK FULLY SYN SAE 5W50 API SM/CF provides the following benefits:

  • Provides excellent piston cleanliness and minimises sludge formation.
  • Exhibits exceptional thermal and oxidation stability to deter oil degradation at high temperature.
  • Offers maximum engine and turbocharger protection under extreme driving conditions due to the special high viscosity formula.
  • Exhibits superior lubricating properties to dissipate heat quickly.
  • Provides outstanding starting and wear protection during critical warm-up period.
  • Reduces wear even under high load conditions due to the ability of the synthetic components to form an oily film on the metal surfaces.
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